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All the best things in my life have happened because of music.

Growing up, music was a significant part of my life. I started playing trombone in middle school, and throughout middle school and high school, usually one to three hours of the day were devoted to music, either practicing on my own, concert band class during school, or jazz band after school - that was a considerable amount of time devoted to music on a daily basis. Sometimes it was a drag to force myself to practice, but overall I loved it. Music became engrained in my brain. I remember some experiences playing classical music in concert band, losing myself in the beauty of the music. (My love of classical music has continued to this day.)

During school, band was a happy place for me. I was good at it and many of my friends were in band. It was an environment where I fit in, in contrast to most other classes and interactions with other students. Plus, I met my first real girlfriend through band.

In college, I didn’t play music as much, usually only once or twice a week in the jazz band and pep band. But I met my close friends through the pep band, so even though music wasn’t as big a part of my life on a daily basis, the impact to my happiness was great.

After college, I moved to California and didn’t bring my trombone, so music mostly dropped out of my life (except for a few forays into West African and Brazilian drumming). Near the end of graduate school, I started learning bass guitar. I had always been fascinated by the bass, and whenever I listen to music, I usually hear the bass first, then the other instruments layered on top. After learning the bass for awhile, I started playing with a band, Painted Moon, which didn’t really go anywhere. But the lead singer introduced my to my meditation teacher, which forever changed my life. (For more on that, check out my blog). After Painted Moon broke up, again music mostly dropped out of my life, as I focused on my career in biotechnology and developing my meditation practice.

About a decade later, around 2016, I picked up the bass again and started playing in a band (Ship of Fools) with some friends, just for fun. During this time, I also felt compelled to start writing my own music. Maybe it’s part of some kind of midlife crises, but I just feel this need to express myself, express the thoughts, feelings and emotions within me. This project, Reaction Mass, is focused mainly on my thoughts and experiences relating to meditation and spirituality. I’m hoping this music will share the light, love, and hope that mediation has brought me. Music brought me to meditation, hopefully now music will help me bring meditation to others.